Grand Champion Raweke Brown Holly (Holly), Brown Burmese (27) - Burmese HK tested normal

Holly is lovely sweet brown burmese who was born in 2006 in my first litter. Holly has good burmese type and wonderful eye shape and size. Holly was made up to Grand at Manchester in 2011.  Many thanks to her judges Helen Marriot-Power, Sandra Woodley and Brian Fox. Holly also won BOV Burmese adult at Manchester in 2011.  Holly is now enoying her retirement from breeding.

Imp Gr Ch & Imp Gr Pr Raweke Serendipity (Lily), Lilac Burmese (27c) - Burmese HK tested normal

Lily is a beautiful and sweet natured lilac burmese born in March 2007. She has lovely burmese type.  She is Holly's half sister.  Lily was made up to grand at Gwynedd Cat Show, thanks  to Pam Read, Sylvia Rose and Joyce Worth.  Lily was made up to imperial at North West 2011.  Thank you to all her judges.  Lily was BOV burmese adult at the Herts and Middlesex show 2010.

Imperial Grand Champion Raweke Arcadia (Ellie), Chocolate Burmese (27b) - Burmese HK tested normal

Imperial Grand Champion Raweke Eurydice (Mabel), Chocolate Burmese (27b) - Burmese HK tested normal

Extended family

Champion Artro Brown Beautie (Ella), Brown Burmese (27)

Ella is a lovely brown burmese with good burmese type.  She has wonderful eye shape and size.  She came to me very kindly from Barbara Parry of Artro Burmese in 2005 and was my foundation queen.  Ella produced two lovely litters of kittens and I have two of her daughters (see below).  She was shown a number of times and made Champion in 2006.  She was also shown in grand classes and was awared 4 Reserve Grand Challenge Certifcates.  She now lives with her son, Bertie in Cambridgeshire and is very happy in her retirement!

Imperial Grand Champion Raweke Scrumdiddlyumptious (Susie), Brown Burmese (27) - Both parents Burmese HK tested normal

Susie a very sweet natured brown burmese, born in 2011.  She is Lily and Konner's daughter.  She has beautiful eyes and is a lovely chestnut brown colour.  Susie was made up to champion recently.

Champion & UK & Imperial Grand Premier Raweke Mirror Image (Katie), Brown Burmese (27)- Both parents Burmese HK tested normal

Katie is a cheeky brown burmese who was born in August 2007.  She is Holly's daughter from her first litter.  She has good burmese type.  Katie became a champion in September 2008 and has recently become an imperial grand premier too!   Thanks to David and Janet Barrett, Peter Walsh, Steve Crow and Michelle Garrod. Katie was also best burmese neuter at Northern Counties 2009, Manchester and District 2010 and Lakeland and District 2010.  Katie was awarded her first UK Grand certificate at the supreme in 2009 and Best of Breed too!   Katie was awarded her 2nd UK grand at the supreme 2010.  Well done Katie! Katie is now enjoying life with my parents and her friend Bess in Devon.

Here is Katie at the Supreme 2009:

Photo (c) Sean Farrell 2009,

Katie's Pedigree

Grand Champion Raweke Something Blue (Jessie). Blue Tortie Burmese (27g)

Jessie is a lovely blue tortie burmese who was born in April 2008.  Jessie is Lily's daughter.  She did very well in her kitten shows and was awarded best burmese kitten at Cheshire Area show in November 2008.  Jessie had her first litter of kittens in July 2009 and has was made up to Champion at the Burmese Cat Society show the same year.  Jessie has also just been made up to Grand Champion at the North West Cat Club Show 2010.  Jessie was also Best in Show Burmese at the Cumberland Show 2010.  Well done Jessie!  Jessie now lives with Vicky and Chris in Shropshire, who are also owned by her son and daughter

Grand Champion Raweke In High Definition (Bess). Lilac Burmese (27c) - Both parents Burmese HK tested normal

Bess is a very sweet natured lilac burmese, born in April 2009.  She is Lily's daughter from her second litter and looks very much like her mum.  Bess went to her first show in July 2009 and won Best Burmese kitten.  Not bad for a first outing!  Bess was made up to grand champion at Preston and Blackpool 2012. Thank you to her judges, Janet Barrett, Lynda Ashmore and Margaret Walkden.  Bess is now retired from breeding and is enjoying life with my parents and her friend Katie in Devon.

Imperial Grand Champion Katchyn Perfect Harmony (Betty), Chocolate Tortie Burmese (27h) - Burmese HK tested normal